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The Intriguing Burns Monument

The intriguing and well known Burns Monument is situated within Kay Park at Kilmarnock Scotland. 250 individuals had gathered during an anniversary meeting to honor and uphold the great Robert Burns on January 27, 1877. They were all in agreement that a statue of his likeness be built and centered in an ideal spot in Kilmarnock honoring the great, inspiring poet. The public was the back bone for the statue to be built; they were key in donating and raising a significant amount of money for the erection of the statue and monument.

Since they had raised such a great amount of money, they scraped staying with just their old statue and building plans. They now had the money and means to extend their building of a building worthy of the poet by using an architect. They held a contest to find the most appropriate sculptor to come forth, which would be W.G. Stevenson.

On August 9, 1879, the statue was shown for the first time to the biggest gathering of individuals, this tiny area had ever known. However, in November 2004, the statue and building were partially damaged by a fire. In 2008 the monument was restored and returned to its former glory and was placed with brand new accessories and settings to enhance the Burns Monument Centre. Today, it proudly stands as it once did many years ago.

The monument and statue are the perfect backdrop for any important pictures to be taken, such as weddings, reunions and other special occasions. Alexander Kay, who the park is named after gave the land as a gift to start a 30-acre park for all to enjoy. He believed that a park was important for bodily health and greatly improved moral issues. He also believed in every town having one and that was her life’s wish. He thought that land should be set aside in every down for the sole purpose of a park. He often said that to many times came up, where a town had not thought of, until it was too late, or set aside ample amounts of land for a park.

In 2004, the monument was severly damaged by fire, but has since been restored and the area redeveloped into the Burns Monument Centre.

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